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Hm, I'll take the place of Ms. Cleo for a moment...let me guess, your name is Stephanie?

Full Name: Stephanie Nunez
Age: 17
Birthdate: April 30, 1988
Origin of Name: Greek. Meaning: the crowned one. This is what I love about this name. Every Stephanie is different in their own special way. For example, one Stephanie may be "the crowned one" of, let's say, happiness (an all around bubbly kind of girl) while another Stephanie may be "the crowned one" of [insert quality here]. We all vary from Stephanie to Stephanie.
What form of spelling do you use?: S-t-e-p-h-a-n-i-e
Were you named after anyone?: Nope, I'm an original. (Not to be taken the wrong way. Now I actually have to be good at something in order to maintain the lovely status of the name.)
Do you like your name?: I like the name very much. It's not hard to pronounce, and it's a worldwide name. You can pretty much find it anywhere. However, I dislike the fact that it is spelled wrongly in drastic ways. The weirdest spelling of my name yet is: Estefany (Pretty off, don't you think?)
If you could change it, what would you change it to?: I wouldn't change my name. However, I think I would have liked a middle name. Apart from Stephanie, my parents considered the names Jennifer and Melissa. Personally, I like the name Sarah, but I'm satisfied with my name enough not to be swayed to change it.

F.Y.I.: I've moved a lot in my life, and as such I've gone to several schools. In two of the schools I've been to my best friends were named Stephanie. In school #1 Stephanie Quorros and Stephanie Fernandez. In school #2, Stephanie Gamboa and Stephanie Alvarez. That's pretty cool.  Since we all shared the same classes, we weren't called by our first name. We were simply referred to by our last. I certainly prefer that rather than being called Stephy or Stephania. (I can't stand either). I also agree with the other Stephanie's here about being called Steph or otherwise on introductory basis; it drives me crazy. On the other hand, once I can consider the person close to me or a friend, I find it cute when I'm called Steph. It's kind of serves as a mark on how a person feels about you. If they are in good terms, they'll call Steph, on normal standards Stephanie, when you just got caught doing something you weren't supposed to: your first, middle, and last name with a few extra words thrown in there.

(Your session with Ms. Cleo's substitute is officially over. Remember, it's $10.00 for the first three minutes.)

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