STEPHANIE (__mindless) wrote in stephanies_rule,

I was just browsing through the community and I was so grateful to find a post about the nickname "Steph". I also hate being called that, I thought I was the only one. I've told a few close friends that it bothers me when people I don't know call me Steph, they think I'm nuts. I allow only my closed friends to call me whatever they want and there is quite a variety- Steppy, Stephers, Fannie, Step, & of course, Steph. Another thing that bothers me the most is that sometimes they will spell it, Steff, or with Y's and what not. I hate that more than anything, if you know they're different spellings why don't you ask before you sign my yearbook, "Steff, You're the best! Have a great summer. blah blah blah" Glad I'm not alone =)

I posted this already but here it is again . .

Name: Stephanie Lynn O.
Age: 16
Location: New Jersey
Birthday: July 13, 1989
Named after anyone?: nopers.

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